About us

Walthan GmbH, based in Switzerland, has been established to provide a specialized procurement services in Precision Engineering, Machinery, Aerospace and Life Science fields with global solutions for mechanical parts and components.

Our company has developed a trustable and reliable reputation with many renowned companies thought out the European and Asia-Pacific regions. Most of customers and suppliers’ business relationships have been established efficiently and effectively for every single progress in high-valued projects.

Our highly experienced team consist of skillful and quality Managers and Engineers, who can sustain our customers’ specifications in variety fields are engaging from the beginning of projects till the final documentation and acceptance by our customers with extraordinary results.

Perhaps, we are always opting to lead our customers towards the best services in procurement as we accentuate on our customers’ objective to meet their mark accurately with productive and long-lasting end results. Therefore, we have always regarded in advance on building efficacious and extensive relationships with our clients for us to achieve our targets mutually and successfully.

Our Supply base

Within the last years, it was one of the main goals of the Walthan GmbH to develop a supplier network in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Our suppliers know well the requirements of our customers which are located mainly in Switzerland, Germany and France.

Since many years we have been developing and establishing our suppliers' network in both European and Asian regions. Our collaborations with these suppliers, who are well-versed and experienced with our customers’ needs and requirements, has been one of the key strengths on gaining customers’ satisfaction through reliable and quality services.

On top of that, we are only establishing our collaboration with qualified and certified suppliers, based on our customers’ requirements as we would always prefer to provide guaranteed and quality services. Therefore, our suppliers in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions mostly have been approved by boards and authorities, based on their work fields for Machinery, Life Science or Oil and Gas and e.g. certified to manufacture products based on the ATEX directives or the CE mark guideline.