Follow up Delivery Services for Mechanical Parts & Components

Regardless of your kind of business, your supply chain is an important component of logistics management processes. Without an established, traceable method for ordering and managing deliveries and stock, fulfilling and satisfying customer orders become prone to human error and your business is at the brink of failure.  In the manufacturing sector, delivery services are especially crucial because a failure or delay of delivery services of raw materials or mechanical parts will cause a delay or failure of the whole manufacture chain of processes.  Any delay would result to cost and losses.

What is Delivery Services?

Delivery pertains to the activity of transporting goods from the source to a stated destination. Delivery services for mechanical parts and components are primarily delivered as cargo through roads, shipping lanes or airline networks. The effective delivery of goods is generally called logistics. No matter how efficient and fast does CNC machining provide in the manufacture of goods, if problems in delivery services arise, the speed and efficiency is offset if not eradicated. Hence, this functionality is important in any type of business.

Proper planning in Delivery Services

In any task or activity, proper planning is important as the first step in ensuring a smooth and successful achievement of a task. Planning in delivery services included setting the parameters of time transportation, costs and determining the exact location destination of delivery.  This also included preparing for potential circumstances that can delay and inhibit delivery services such as unavailability or breakdown of delivery vehicle, traffic, incorrect item, and other unexpected circumstances or conditions that affect delivery services.  Because of this, a contingency should always be included in the plan to prevent failure in logistics.

Follow up Mechanism

One of the most important components of customer service is putting up a follow up mechanism especially for the completion of delivery services.  In order to implement an effective follow up mechanism for your delivery services, companies should adopt automation or software that monitors or tracks the movement of goods.

In particular, it should provide details about movement of goods whether is a raw material or a mechanical part, from its dispatch from the supplier, procurement and storage of item from the different warehouses, arrival of goods in a point in the logistics chain and the final delivery of goods at the destination. Automation is important so that you can track the movement of goods when customer follows up the delivery of goods. Accurate tracking also aids in enhancing the general process of logistics management.

Importance of Personnel Relations

Personnel or human resources are important in any organization.  In the delivery service, personnel included the delivery guy, truck driver, up to the warehouse manager. Because the functions of these people are linked, any deficiency or failure in any link irrespective of their field of work will affect the efficiency of the delivery service.  Because of this, it is critical to invest on personnel by training employees on the efficient performance of their individual tasks and updating them with the new trends in order to improve overall efficiency.  This is especially true in CNC machining and manufacture of mechanical parts where precision and timeliness is of utmost priority because of the strong competition in the industry.

Moreover, the logistics manager should also possess unimpeachable interpersonal skills in dealing with all personnel involved. When things do not work as planned, the manager can effectively communicate and do a personal follow up with right point persons in the supply chain and resolve their concern that is causing the problems.  Aside from being authoritative to ensure obedience, he should have great people skills to keep people motivated to work.

Warehouse Management in Delivery Services

Strong coordination between warehouse management and delivery is critical because of three reasons. Apparently, the handling of warehouse and delivery are almost exactly the same.  First, to avoid mistake in what item to dispatch from warehouse for delivery.  Second, to ensure proper delivery handling based on warehouse handling. And third, warehouse handling also affects delivery time.  Apparently a perishable item that required refrigeration during warehouse storage also requires the same during delivery to preserve freshness and prevent decomposition.

In CNC machining or the delivery of mechanical parts, the precision of items is what is crucial in the coordination between warehouse management and delivery services.   Moreover, their close coordination also helps when follow up for delivery services is sought as one can track and pinpoint where the goods or products are i.e. if they are still in storage for temporary safekeeping or they are already on the way for delivery.

Efficient Transportation

An efficient transportation is at the heart of the delivery services.  Aside from the actual well maintained vehicle, this also included the determination of the shortest and safest delivery route as well as cost effective packaging.  Customers follow up on delivery especially when there are delays; there is need for proper handling or any other issues. Thus, an efficient transportation and all other elements mentioned herein can speed up delivery of goods whether raw materials or mechanical parts.

Evaluating and Improving

There should be a constant effort to optimize the logistics network by evaluating processes and looking for rooms for improvement.  When implementing a plan, it should include ways on how to measure, analyse and collect feedback in order to improve the plan or formulate new plans or strategies in seeing its loopholes or weaknesses.

The number of follow up for delivery services is already a symptom of delivery weakness.  Follow up from customers can also be a great source of feedback.  It is important to especially look at the complaints of customer regarding the service to identify problems.  For example incorrect depth of holes in CNC machining is not a delivery issue but incorrect item especially a mechanical part or component from the warehouse to destination is clearly a logistics issue.

Getting feedback from your own personnel is also a great way to evaluate and improve your performance.  In line with this, it is advisable to hold regular meetings or create mechanisms through which employees can easily send their ideas and suggestions to improve logistic operations and be generously rewarded for it.

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