On 15th of May 2019, the Managing Director of Walthan GmbH, Sascha Walleser has visited the Swiss trade fair for machine tools, tools and production measurement in Basel, Switzerland. The entire Walthan GmbH team has set an eye on this international recognized exhibition to bridge the exchange of metal technology knowledge between various metal industries across continents, especially within European countries. Our ultimate target is initiate new business relationships with new prospects and deepen the relationship with already existing suppliers

PRODEX – the Swiss trade fair for machine tools, tools and production measurement, is bringing together the best companies in the Swiss MEM industry and providing the most important platform for mechanical engineering. Swiss MEM unites the Swiss electrical and mechanical engineering industries and associated technology-oriented sectors.

In summary, PRODEX Expo was introduced in Switzerland in 2002, where major machine manufacturers across Europe have collaborated towards the development within the region in metal technology industry. PRODEX demonstrates the entire spectrum and depth of what the industry has to offer and showcases pioneering expertise and Swiss precision.

Walthan GmbH’s ERDANO has been a trend setting to draw the attractions of giant players as ERDANO, the comprehensive Online-Portal is well accepted as a virtual platform to expand their business scope, not only in the European market, but across the globe. It was once again an ultimate achievement for Walthan GmbH where our vision “Localize Your Business Globally” has been realized on PRODEX 2019 exhibition.

Acting fast to the response of exhibitors, well organized Walthan’s company profiles were exchanged to have a better description on our supreme Online-Portal and Consulting services for the both purchasers and suppliers in both metalworking and machine tools industries. In overall, the total 2 halls were setup to cater hundreds of exhibitors from over different countries around Europe. In fact, it was an eye catching for most the exhibitors that Walthan GmbH has also set the Online Portal ERDANO in America, Africa and Oceania continents.

Walthan GmbH has continued its journey where our team have been more focus on specialized and customized products, where number of shortlisted exhibitors were approached to understand their needs and requirements.


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