On 19th of June 2019, the Managing Director of Walthan GmbH, Sascha Walleser has visited the largest international trade show dedicated to high precision industry in Geneva, Switzerland.

Each year the trade show has 20000 visitors, 800 exhibiting companies from more than 20 different countries, consisting of specialization in watchmaking, jewellery, micro technologies and medical technologies. A survey has defined that the satisfaction rate of both exhibitors and visitors is more than 96%. This trade show was the best opportunity for us to meet potential customers and suppliers at one bridging platform.

Today, one of the jewels for the Swiss economy is the watchmaking industry. Over the past few years, the watch industry has taken over the lead of the highest performing industry in Switzerland. Every year the watchmaking Industry has broken its own export records, for instance in year 1986, the watch industry has exported CHF 4.3 billion. However, in the year 2013, it has been recorded that the industry is already generating more than CHF 21.1 billion, which is approximately 5 times more.

Walthan’s Online Portal ERDANO for Purchasers and Suppliers of customized products has been a trend setter to draw the attention of leading machinery companies in Europe. It was great and ultimate achievement for Walthan GmbH where our vision “Localize Your Business Globally” has been realized at the Palexpo exhibition in Geneva.

Furthermore, Walthan GmbH has set a notable achievement by sharing our wonderful initiative with well-established and authorized organizations of the machinery industry. We have seen a great interest in our procurement consulting services; however, it is very crucial for us to create some exceptional leads for the future network.

The well-structured Walthan’s company profiles were exchanged to give a better understanding on our Erdano Online-Portal and the Procurement Consulting Services for purchasers and suppliers in this highly anticipated exhibition, Palexpo.