Walthan GmbH has taken another leap towards establishment of its subsidiary in ASEAN region, based in Malaysia. On the 12th of July 2019, the founder, Mr. Sascha Walleser, himself has stepped in to visit the FMM Headquarter, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. FMM has granted us a grand opportunity by setting up an appointment for Walthan’s product presentation on both Walthan Procurement Consultation and ERDANO, the Online Supplier Portal.

The presentation session kick started at FMM Meeting Hall, where we have been hosted by both FMM IT Manager and FMM Training Manager. Walthan has received warm welcome by FMM, as it is known that Malaysians are very friendly and welcoming towards people from various continents. Our first session began with Walthan’s company profile, where our product and services were demonstrated. It was an eye-opening session to FMM personnel as we have demonstrated the creditability of Walthan and how effectively we are able to collaborate together to provide our value-added services to FMM members.

For a quick recap, Federation of Malaysia Manufacturers is economic organization, where it integrates premier manufacturers in Malaysia. It was incorporated in year 1968, and FMM has played essential roles in developing Malaysian manufacturing industry in few phases of Malaysia New Economic Policy and series of Malaysia Plans over the decades, in align with its vision, “Making Malaysian Industries Globally Competitive”. For there records, FMM is representing over 3000 manufacturers in Malaysia and it is a centralized hub for all manufacturers to meet and share their knowledge and experience in developing Malaysia Manufacturing Industry.

Walthan has identified FMM as the most essential organization in Malaysia and we are set to travel along with FMM as for its subsidiary operation in Malaysia. The presentation session was continued with complete exchange of knowledge and experience of Walthan’s founder and FMM personnel. We have discussed on several ideas to bridge the networks with FMM members, as FMM has approached Mr. Sascha Walleser, to hold seminars and talks to their members in upcoming windows with FMM. Simultaneously, FMM has invited us to join their networking sessions with FMM members, where it would be a grandeur platform for Walthan to stage on our value-added product and services, which would very comprehensive for entire Malaysian manufacturing industry.

At the end of the presentation, we have come up with a mutual agreement that Walthan is most welcome to develop its business operation in Malaysia and we shall support FMM’s direction towards Industrial Revolutions in Malaysia, which Industry 4.0, where IoT based services is highly required in Malaysia. It was very progressive for Walthan as the founder, himself has impressed on how Walthan can joint hand with FMM to work towards mutual success for both parties.