Through Metal Technology Expo 2019, WALTHAN team has caught a special attention of a global business networking group, which is the Gerson Lehrman group (GLG). Our team has been invited for a Networking Session on 24th April 2019, where a special talk was arranged by GLG team for various business groups. An invited guest, who is a renowned industrialist was the main highlight of the session, where he has conveyed various ideas and thoughts based on his experiences with giant corporations locally and internationally. His take on the current digital landscape in Malaysia, key challenges and building blocks of digital transformation stimulated interesting discussion among the participants.

The main objective of the networking session is to pave way to connect various business giants and young entrepreneurs, who are seeking for new concepts, as well as collaboration and technology commercialization. In fact, a well explained talk was given by the industrialist on how Information Technology plays a fundamental role in developing and expanding business markets. It was certainly an exciting participation for our WALTHAN team, where special note was given on our operation and how WALTHAN could expand the business in the ASEAN market.

Besides that, a casual Question & Answer session among the corporate executives was another information and knowledge exchanging session, where various issues on ASEAN business were discussed and how the current economical state of countries in this region.

Eventually, our team has managed to adapt with other members of GLG, where business ideas were introduced to our team, where WALTHAN can vastly expand its business scope in ASEAN region. A highly notable network was established throughout this session and it shall further spur our marketability and branding efforts to penetrate the ASEAN markets.