Trusting relationships with our clients and long-standing cooperation with our suppliers are the basis for our success.

Our clients

SMEs from the areas of engineering, aerospace, the semi-conductor industry and life sciences in Switzerland and Germany put their trust in our expertise. In our work with our clients, we rely on trust, communication at eye level and a high degree of transparency in order to implement our common goals successfully.

Our suppliers

We only work with suppliers who fulfil the highest quality standards. Our excellent and very large global supplier network – with an emphasis on Europe and the Asia-Pacific region – guarantees that we can offer our clients first class service that meets their needs.

As we have fostered our supplier network personally over many years, we can rely on the dependability and competence of each of our suppliers at all times. We make sure all our partners speak English, so communication works smoothly regardless of national borders.

Feel free to contact us without obligation.