We reduce your costs and achieve cost savings for your company.

In day-to-day business, companies often do not have the resources to grapple with long-term savings potential. That is why we take this work off your hands and examine your direct material costs and/or purchasing organisation in detail. Our approach: In the potential analysis, all direct themes are examined for savings potential. This is based on internal discussions, benchmarks and analyses. In this manner, we identify relevant themes and derive a recommended course of action. Project planning and the concrete implementation phase follow.

Purchasing organisation

High potential for purchasing cost reductions can be found in many areas of a company. We identify optimisation possibilities in your purchasing, define measures and implement them in your purchasing organisation.


Saving material costs

The situation today is marked by fluctuating capacities, constantly rising costs and uncertain supplies. This makes more efficient material utilisation necessary. We help you do this.

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